High performing applications

With increasing competition and decreasing patience levels, performance has slowly and steadily become one of the most important aspects of any application. Performance in many cases can be a deal breaking concern.

Performance testing is primarily needed if we want to monitor the behaviour of an application under varying load and resource scenarios. There are various flavours of performance testing, however not all flavours are applicable at the same time. While most of the testing needs are met through the load or endurance testing. …

With the increasing dynamism in the job market, most organisations try to find full stack developers so that they can fit in any person anywhere with inadequate learning time. In response, developers rush towards filling their stack.

full stack

How exactly do you fill your stack?

Sounds like a preparing a buffet meal at home all by yourself. Firstly you need to learn and master multiple cuisines, spend hours cooking, exploit all available resources at home to make a meal which can satisfy any possible consumer.

If you are able to do it!! Kudos amazing chef, you are great!!

How often do…

Martha had been wearing this comfortable old jeans for almost a decade now. With passing time, the Jeans adjusted itself to give her more comfort than before. She was happy to be able to fit in her old jeans until one day she decided to get a new pair. She realised she has grown two sizes bigger than earlier and the same style and size no longer fit her. Did the old adjusting jeans conceal the changing facts, and didn't raise timely alarm for a need to get fitter.

Is a comfortable old job doing the same to you? …

Roshni Thomas

Lead consultant at ThoughtWorks

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